Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Wishes to fight Prostate Cancer

As some of you know, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a little over a week ago.  He's currently undergoing tests and we'll be getting the results on October 4th and hopefully his surgery will be scheduled soon after.

For the past two years, on my birthday (October 6th), I have made a donation to a different cause/charity.. I figured that since I usually get many birthday wishes, I might as well make good use of them. :)

On year 1, I gave to SimpLEE4Kids to give kids who were stuck at the hospital over Christmas Lee DeWyze's debut CD.

Last year, I made a donation towards pancreatic cancer research.

This year, the answer to my queston, "Who should I donate to this year?", was answered for me.  I will be donating to Prostate Cancer research and patient support.  This has now become a cause very close to my heart.

So here's how it goes.  On October 6th, for every birthday wish that I receive on Facebook or Twitter, I will be giving a certain amount of money. (still to be determined).  

What I need now is that this message is shared over facebook and twitter so that I get as many birthday wishes as possible.

Let's make sure I get to my cap (which I will keep secret for now).

Oh...and to make this even more interesting, I am going to the Jordan Knight concert on October 3rd, if I am able to find a way to meet him, I will add a sizeable (for me) bonus to the donation.  Hey...I LOVE Mr. Knight!!  ;)

Thank you so much for participating.

Remember, it's on October 6th. :)


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  1. I think the meeting of Mr. Knight might just happen for you bday ;) Christine