Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Project - My life as I remember it!

In the past couple of days, I have read 2 books that have got me thinking about things.

The first one is "Still Alice" about a woman who finds out she has early onset alzheimer's and has to find a way to live with it.  This book is absolutely fantastic and everyone should read it.

The second book is "From This Moment On", written by Shania Twain about her life.

In the introduction to Shania's book, she wrote about wanting her child to have an accurate account of her life and how that is one of the reasons that fueled her desire to write her book.  Something that he would be able to read knowing it was the truth, instead of getting it from newspapers, magazines that won't generally be correct.

This really got me to thinking about my life.

I am single and have no children.  I have so many experiences and accumulated wisdom that I would love to share with the people I love, but no real way of doing it.

What "Still Alice" taught me is that you just never know when something could happen and you might not be able to share these things anymore.

I want to have a written documented account of my life somewhere.  Something that could be around in my family, since I don't have the children to pass them on to.

There are things I have lived through that not many people know about, but I think could help some people.  Things that have been difficult and might not necessarily be proud of, but have shaped me into the person that I am.

There are also so many fun experiences that I have had that I would love to be able to read about later and remember the "good ol' days".  Things that might make my nieces and nephew realize that "aunty Julie" wasn't just a boring bookworm ;)

Things that I remember about my family and friends as well would make it into this melting pot of stories.

I'm not saying that I am writing a book to be published.  I know that my writing skills are nowhere near the level they need to be for that.  I think all I really want is to leave something that my family can someday read.  A collection of memories and events, that they will enjoy. 

As I was thinking about all of that, I could also talk to my family (grandparents, parents, sisters) and friends to get their perspective on the events.  Write it as I saw it and as they did. 

This is really just something for me that I would someday like to share with the people close to me, and that they could maybe share with their family.

As I said earlier, you just never know when something could happen to you that would prevent you from sharing these memories, advice etc with people in your life. 

Before anyone suggests it, No, I will not do a video account since I hate the camera.  I tend to run away from it except on some very VERY rare occasions where I have been cornered (you know who you are )

I will be sure to share some of the shorter stories on here. :)

Since it is the New Year, I think there is probably no better time to start writing this "autobiography" if you will.

On that note, off to do some writing