Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday weekend - Sunday - Did that REALLY happen??? - Chris Phillips

Let me start this post by saying - OMG!!!  That was such a FANTASTIC night!!!!  SQUEEEEE!!!!

Ok, now that that's out of my system, let me describe the night - this might be a long post so beware ;)

Let's start from the beginning. (For part one of birthday weekend - go here)

I started thinking about having a party for my 40th about 6 months before my birthday.  I went in and spoke with Catherine at the Big Rig Brewery and we had started to discuss my 'event'.  I wanted to have a charity tie-in with my birthday.  I didn't expect anyone to bring me any gifts, but I was hoping they would want to give to a charity I would choose.

A few months went by and I almost cancelled my whole idea but I decided to downscale it instead.  I invited some friends and family, and made my reservations at Big Rig.  About 25 to 30 people were coming.  I decided on Candlelighters as the charity I would try to raise money for.  Candlelighters is one of the charities that my favorite Sens player, Chris Phillips and his wife Erin support.

The day of the event, I was pretty tired and for some reason, was apprehensive.  I was afraid the party would be a bust and no one would come...or something would happen that would make it a disaster.  I could not have been more wrong.

My friend, sister and I walked in to Big Rig 30 minutes before the party and got things set up.  There was going to be a draw for a GC and Beer.  I got everything ready with the staff at Big Rig and sat down and waited for the guests to arrive.

Everyone started to trickle in.  My friends Spencer and Lisa brought a cake that Lisa made for me.  They wouldn't let me see it before it was time.  I knew it would be a nice cake because I'd seen some of the ones Lisa had made in the past.  I couldn't wait to see it - but I had to.

Now, in the last post I said that I was a suspicious person by nature so it's hard to surprise me.  Someone managed to do that on Sunday.  Mr. Stuntman Stu - radio host and PA announcer extraordinaire.  He told me the week before that he couldn't make it - even going so far as to pretend he had never even seen the invite...and I fell for it.  Connie, never even replied to my invite.  They both showed up and brought along their children...and a gift that I couldn't open yet.  *sigh*

In these kinds of situations, I never know where to be.  I want to give everyone attention, but it's so hard to do.  You're going from table to table talking to everyone and feeling like you're talking to no one.  I did have a blast though.  My friend Dave took pictures for me.   Everyone seemed to enjoy the appetizers I ordered - with extra fried pickles of course and their meal.

They brought out a table and I was told to SIT and STAY. that I think of it, should I have been insulted?? ;)

Out came the cake and OMG!!!  It was the most amazing cake in the world.  Lisa did such a fantastic job.  It was a red Chris Phillips jersey with the Sens logo.  The most fantastic cake I've EVER had.  I can't do it justice with words so just enjoy the picture :)  THANK YOU Lisa!!!!!

Staff and people sitting at other tables came by to see the cake and take pictures.  Before I was allowed to cut it - I was given the gift that Stu brought with him.

We need a little background here.  For the past few years I've been bugging a few people, namely my best friend Charlie and Stu about getting me a red Chris Phillips jersey.  I was actually driving Charlie crazy with it.  Stu just told me that he'd give me the jersey when the Sens won the cup.

When I opened the gift, yes, there was a red Chris Phillips jersey.  Stu tells me the jersey comes from the Sens as I'm such a great fan.  I'm sure he talked me up some, but if anyone knows how big a Phillips fan I am, Stu does.  I put it on immediately and it's perfect.  Stu - THANK YOU for again being instrumental in something great happening to me :)

Now it was time to cut the cake - you have NO idea how hard it was for me to cut it up.   it broke my heart!!!   It tasted great though. 

Now, for the icing on the cake so to speak.  I was told by the manager that night, Peter, that Chris was on his way to pick up some food.  Peter knows how big a fan I am.

A few minutes later, I turn around and Chris is coming towards us from the front of the restaurant.  He came to see me, gave me a hug and wished me a happy birthday (go here and here to read about me meeting him)  I was so happy.  Seriously, a little kid in the candy store. He admired the cake even though it had already been cut.  He also gave his seal of approval on the jersey and authenticated the signature on the back.  I got some pictures taken and offered him some of the cake.

He couldn't stay long because he had to bring food to his family - they have to eat too I suppose :)

Once he left and everyone had a piece of cake, people started leaving.  I had such a great time and I am so grateful to everyone who had a hand in making this a perfect birthday..

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.  I was so glad everyone was there to celebrate my birthday with me, plus I have witnesses to the events of the night. :)

The final total for Candlelighters is $215.  I still have to count all my facebook and twitter birthday wishes in order to figure out what my personal donation is. I will give an update in a future post.

I don't think anything could ever top this weekend for me.  I've never felt so loved and appreciated by everyone...I'm humbled by some of the things I was told!!!

Thank you to everyone and especially Chris Phillips for coming by and making my day even better!!!

Not sure I'll ever come down from this high I'm on :)

Special thanks go out to my sisters Annie and Lyne, brother in law Todd and best friend Charlie for being part of both nights.  Thank you again Lisa for the fantastic cake, Stu for the jersey,  Marc for the treat and Diane for the decadent cookies.  Thank you Dave for taking such great pictures.  To the rest, Danielle (Sam), Connie (Isabella and Matteo), Spencer (Emily), Corrie, Stuart, Manon C, Manon S, Glen, Kristine, Dave, Tony, Randy, Ann and Donna; Thank you so much for taking part in this fantastic birthday.

I had such a great time and I might just have to do this again :)

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  1. It was a fantastic party Julie. Thank you so much for including me. xo