Sunday, October 7, 2012

Results - Birthday Wishes for Prostate Cancer

My Birthday has now passed so I thought I would share to you the results from my  "Birthday Wishes for Prostate Cancer" post :)

The amount will be given to  Prostate Cancer Canada.

The total birthday wishes on twitter/facebook were:

Facebook:  53
Total:: 72

This means $69.  As promised in my blog, if I got to meet Jordan Knight, I would add to this donation.  I met him and have a picture with him to prove it.  It was such a wonderful night that I decided to double the donation.  That means $144.  I'm not keen on numbers that aren't rounded, so I'll round that up to $150.00

I will be making the donation this week!!

Thank you to everyone who has made this happen.  I spent a fantastic birthday with friends and family.  I am truly blessed.

Thank you also to Majic 100's Stuntman Stu, Angie Poirier and Trisha Owens for giving me the opportunity to meet Jordan Knight.  It was a fantastic night!! :)

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