Tuesday, October 30, 2012


With Halloween being tomorrow, I figured I should post a little something about me and Halloween.

I like Halloween, I really do.  As a kid I loved dressing up and getting candy.  The part I hated was going up to strangers' houses and saying "trick or treat".  Why?...I don't know.  I was a very shy child and the oldest of the family.  I was supposed to show my sisters how it was done, but I would HATE doing it.

I love going with my nieces and nephew trick or treating now.  It's so cute to watch the 6yo take care of her younger sister (4).  Last year, she would go up to the houses and tell the people that her sister was allergic to peanuts and couldn't have any peanut candy.  No one told her to say this as my sister goes through the candy at night to ensure that nothing with peanuts gets through.  She did it on her own.  Soooo cute.  

There is one thing associated to Halloween that I truly can not stand.  I HATE being scared.  You know all those haunted houses and haunted hay rides in the Ottawa area...well, I stay away from those as much as I possibly can.

To me, there is no "good" adrenaline rush from being scared.  I don't care what anyone says, I will not come out of a haunted anything saying "That was awesome!!".  Nope...never going to happen.

The ONE exception is the haunted mansion at Disney World.  Now that's awesome!!

You see, I was well into my late teens, early twenties before I would watch the video Thriller while alone in the house at night.  Yes...I know....makes no sense whatsoever.

I'm just a wimp.  I big wimp.  I don't watch horror movies either.  I saw 6th Sense when it came out and couldn't even sleep in my room in the basement that night.  I slept on the couch upstairs.  Sure it only lasted a day, but I was freaked out!!

To all of you who think it's funny to scare Julie...I do NOT enjoy it.  I'm not one of those people who will laugh about it just don't do it!!!  ;)

That said, my 6yo niece doesn't seem to be suffering from the same affliction as her aunt.  That's a good thing I suppose.  At least she might actually enjoy Saunders Farm at night.

Happy Halloween to all.

Be safe and watch out for all the little ghouls and goblins out trick or treating!!

Julie /@Flip_4

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