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Old Habits are Hard to Break

Originally posted at KickAssOttawa on March 6, 2014

"Old Habits are Hard to Break" all about how Lent can help me get a head start in my health goals.


Taking better care of myself / losing weight / exercising / eating better.
These are all things I’ve said I would do at different times over the years without much success.  This is mostly due to a lack of motivation.  Do I think I have more motivation now?  Not really, but what I do have is a built in excuse to start.
Lent.  I have not given anything up for Lent for years but decided to use it this year to “better” myself.
This gives me 40 days to try to “Push” myself in the right direction…give myself that kick in the a$$ I may be needing.
That’s not to say that I’m changing my whole life for Lent, but if I can make some small changes and stick to it for 40 days – maybe I can do something else in the following 40 days.  Take things in 40 day segments.
What have I given up for the first 40 days?  Pepsi/Coke and Chocolate.  If you know me – this will be sooooo difficult.  When it comes to Pepsi, the reason I chose this isn’t just because I enjoy it, but also because I believe I have an addiction.  I have replaced most of my liquid intake with Pepsi…how is that good for me?
I’m an intelligent woman so I know this is detrimental to my health, but I’ve been unable to stop and it just seems to get worse.  I can’t only have one glass of Pepsi, I NEED a bottle and then another and another…in one day.   I crave it like nothing else.  I will go out in the worse weather to go get Pepsi because I may run out that day.
Originally I gave up chocolate as the backup in case Pepsi didn’t work…but I’ve decided that I’ll do both.  Rest assured though that as soon as Lent is over – chocolate WILL be back on the menu.  No Big Rig cookie for 40 days is not going to be fun – especially since it’s been a while since the last time I had one.
Chocolate isn’t a crutch for me so I know that once the 40 days is over, I won’t be going on a chocolate binge.  Pepsi on the other hand is a much different story…
I’ve given it up before and it went well, but as soon as I started drinking it again – it was back to bottles a day.  I wasn’t able to just have it occasionally or in small doses.  I may have to stay away forever.  *Sob*
I’m now on day two of no Pepsi/chocolate diet and I’m suffering from one of the worse caffeine – or lack thereof – headaches I’ve ever had.  I’m NOT giving up though.  Gotta keep going.
Will keep everyone posted on my progress / success.
Now to figure out what to do for the 40 days after Easter…Mandatory daily exercising?   Takes 6 weeks to create a good habit I hear…
Have a wonderful day
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