Thursday, March 27, 2014

The day I turned into a 12 year old - Martin Gélinas

Not a picture taken that day.
Earlier today, I mentioned an older post on Twitter and Facebook about Martin Gélinas and how he was my favourite hockey player for a long time until Chris Phillips at least.

The day I turned into a 12 year old is mentioned in that earlier blog post and I never did explain how that happened.  People who know me, have probably heard this story many many times.

It was a Sens vs Panthers game at the Palladium/Corel Centre/ScotiaBank Place/Canadian Tire Centre.  I couldn't tell you the date and it would be sometime betweent Oct 2005 and April 2007.  I honestly don't remember the time of year or anything.  I probably still have the ticket to that game somewhere though.

I brought my old style Vancouver Canucks 'Gelinas' jersey to that game.  My Bestie and I had bought tickets close to the Florida bench...for me of course...and we gave our season seats  to my parents.

During the pre-game warmup, I wore the Canucks jersey (although I had brought along a Chris Phillips jersey too).  I went to sit along the glass to take pictures as there weren't many people around.  Yes...I was taking mostly pics of Marty - but I did take others too. ;)

At one point, Steve Montador (I believe), banged on the glass in front of me, pointed to my jersey and his and gave me a thumbs up.  Why do I remember that?  I don't really know.  It was just cool I guess.  Then I saw him talking to Gelinas and he looked over.  I of course pretended I was taking pics of other players. 

When the warm-up ended, Marty went to the bench to talk to the trainer.  The trainer gave him another one of his hockey sticks and Marty came over to where I was.  He looked at me, smiled and passed the stick through the camera hole in the glass.

OMG!!!!  I must have had a grin from ear to ear...just writing about it is making me smile wide!!!  I turned to my Bestie who was shocked herself.  The usher came down to tell me I needed to bring the stick up to guest services to pick up after the game.

I RAN up those stairs faster than I ever have.  Gave Guest Services the hcokey stick and then RAN up the stairs to where my parents were sitting.  Now, if you know where we sit for the games...there are A LOT of stairs and I always feel like my heart will beat out of my chest when I get to my seats.  Not that day though - I could have run a marathon on the adrenaline alone.

I got up to my parents and first thing my mom says is..."We saw it"  They saw everything...they weren't sure it was me at first - but they recognized the jersey and knew that it HAD to be me.

The entire game, I was giddy.  Yes the giddiness happens to me often...see any Chris Phillips posts I have on here. :)

Anyway - I still have the hockey stick alone with a few ex-Ottawa 67's broken hockey sticks.  I really should put it up on the wall as a reminder of that day...although I'll NEVER forget it. 

Unfortunatly, after an incident with my computer, I don't have any of those pictures anymore.

I hope one day I get to actually meet him and speak to him.  I know in the other post, I wrote about meeting him - but that was just in a throng of people while trying to get something signed.  I'd love to be able to actually TALK to him.

Again...see any of my Chris Phillips posts to see how LIKELY my actually talking  is.

It doesn't matter - it's a memory I will cherish forever.

Thank you for all the great hockey memories Marty...maybe one day you'll come coach in Ottawa :)

Julie / @Flip_4

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