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Old Habits Are Hard to Break - March 23rd Update

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Old Habits Are Hard To Break Update
No more junk food
A few weeks ago I wrote about giving up Pepsi/Coke AND chocolate for lent.  Well…the chocolate bit has fallen by the wayside a little due to the birthdays and frankly forgetting.  I’ve been so caught up on the pop bit that I’ve slipped.
After a few days of horribly insane caffeine withdrawal headaches – I was able to feel relatively normal again – well, as normal as I ever am that is ;)
Of course – I don’t have the caffeine to keep me awake at work, but it hasn’t been that bad…most of the time.
Some good things have happened linked to my giving up the caffeine.  I weighed myself a couple days ago and I’d lost a total of 6 lbs since Lent started.  That’s insane!!!
I’m sure giving up pop has been a big part of this, but because I don’t drink Pepsi anymore, I’m not craving the food that I would normally eat along with Pepsi.  No more Chinese Food, no more Boston Pizza.  I’m not saying I’ll never have those things again, but it’s not a regular occurrence anymore.
Bonus, I get to save some money at the same time!!!!
Now I’m looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing if the losing weight trend continues.
On Easter Monday, the next ’40 days Project’ will begin and have to do with moving more – walking – exercising.
Until next time.
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