Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Mom - Happy Birthday :)

Well, today's my Mom's birthday and I thought I'd let you know just what kind of Mom I have.

Before I begin - this post only scratches the surface of what my Mom means to me and my sisters.  It's only a very small part of it, and there are so many more memories and great things to say.

I'm her oldest of three of course I'm the best right??  RIGHT??  Come on - someone agree with me!!  Ok FINE then...where was I??

For my entire life she's been there for me through EVERYTHING I've been through - good and bad.  I know she worried about me and my sisters - and boy did we give her reason to, but she never gave up on us.

I remember her getting up in the middle of the night to take care of us when we were sick.  I remember her coming in to my room when I had bad dreams and making me feel better.

There was this one time, after I had moved down to the basement - she woke me up to give me medicine because she could hear me coughing throughout the night.  I don't think she ever slept!...especially when we were teenagers going out with friends :)

She was a grade school teacher so my sisters and I were extremely lucky to be able to spend our entire summers with her.  I won't forget the walks we'd take to my grandparents' house.  We'd play outside the entire day and she'd bring us our lunches and welcome all of our friends with open arms.

I wanted to be just like her.  There was a 2 car garage.  One side was for the car...and other miscellaneous things.  The other side was a little schoolhouse.  We had school desks, a large chalkboard and some school books.  I would attempt to teach my little sisters how to read and do math.  My friends and I would also spend a good amount of time there.

I liked school, I really did, so when the end of the summer came near and it was time to go to my Mom's school to help her set up everything...I was always excited.  As far as I can remember, she was always in the same classroom and I can still picture it.  We'd set up the furniture, the toys and decorate the entire room.  We'd also have lunch with other teachers and that was always one of my favourite days.

See above when I said I wanted to be just like her.  I did a co-op placement in High School in a Junior Kindergarden class.  I very quickly realized that my Mom was EXTREMELY special to be able to do what she did for as many years as she did.  The patience and energy it takes is insane and until you do it, you can't even imagine.

When I was older, she always encouraged me through everything.  She could have thrown up her arms and given up when I dropped out of post-secondary school...TWICE...but she never did.  I always knew she supported me.

Oh - and then there's the boyfriends.  I've made insanely BAD decisions in that department, and I KNOW my parents wanted to shake me until I came to my senses.  I don't blame them either...but all they did was go way above and beyond everything you can imagine to support me.  My Mom was there, talking to me whenever I needed it...then there were the heartbreaks.

She was there every single minute to help me...there to talk if I needed it.  I've already written about my Dad and how I usually talked to him about things, but through it all - my Mom was always there willing to listen and talk.  She did really help me through some insanely tough times.

I know I hurt her at times over the years and I will never be sorry enough for those things.  We gave her grief, many sleepless nights and I'm sure she shed quite a few tears for and about us, but her love for us has never waned.

She showed us how to love and be loved.  She showed us that family is probably the most important thing in your life - no matter what the word "Family" means to you.  She showed us how to give of ourselves to others - how to be there for friends and family - how to care of people.  She gave us so much and never asked for anything in return but our love and respect.

If I had been given the joy of having kids of my own, I can only HOPE I would have been as great a Mom as she was.  I'm not sure I could have lived up to it all.  My little sister has 3 kids of her own, and she's a fantastic Mom and I know she learned from ours.

Je sais que je ne te le dis pas assez souvent - mais je t'aime plus que tu peux le savoir!!

Bonne Fête Mom!!  XOXOX

Julie / @Flip_4

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