Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28th - Fantastic Morning

Well - got up this morning to a horrible headache and a windchill of -3000  or something close to that.  Not exactly a stellar morning.

On top of that - the Sens were badly beat 6 - 1 by the Red Wings. 

I was not the happiest of girls.  Walked into the office at 6am looking forward to the day ending and going back home to bed.

I was listening to Majic 100 and started getting MAD because of the most recent "French Language Police" situation.  Social Media is NOT based in Quebec, leave it ALONE!! 

Really - is anything else going to make this morning unbearable???

To the Majic Mornings hosts credit though - they were able to get my day going a little better with the fun that they always have in the mornings. 

But they weren't done!!!

I got up from my desk to talk to a co-worker about the Sens game for a few minutes.
I guess I lost track of time...

Before I continue, Majic 100 currently have a contest that you need to enter where, if they call your name during the day and you call back within 15 minutes - you win $500.  It's THAT easy.  I entered the contest when it was announced.

You see, these types of contests are the only ones I'll enter at any radio station.  If I need to do anything else like answer trivia or anything else really - I don't call.  I only try the - "Be the 25th caller through" or things like that.  All I ever hear during those contests is the busy signal though.

Anyway - back to this morning.  After I finished talking to my co-worker, I got to my desk and my cell phone was flashing.  There were 2 missed calls, multiple tweets and text messages from family and friends on it.  I looked at the time and realized it was passed 8:50.  Saw the first text that told me to call Majic and I knew...

I called and Stuntman Stu answered the phone.  I told him who it was and I heard who I assume were the other Majic Morning hosts Angie, Trish and Procucer Dean in the background cheering. :)

I WON $500. 

I was so excited that when they said Congrats to me the first time - I didn't answer right away because I was reading my texts and tweets and listening to Majic at the same time :).  Guess I'm bad at multitasking!!

I was actually, I'm not sure if this is due to winning the money or just having to call in to the radio station.  Probably a bit / lot of both :)

I've been on a high ever since.

Thank you Majic 100 - this has been a huge relief for me!!!

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY!!!   Thank you Majic 100!!!!!


  1. How exciting! I wonder if you will put it towards an order of fried pickles at Big Rig :)