Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thank you Sens

If you’ve ever been to a Sens game, you know that they usually have a video montage that they show before the players jump onto the ice at every game.

This montage has been different from one year to the next ever since I’ve been going to Sens games.  One of my first seasons as a season ticket holder, they had one set to the song “For the love of the game” by Semisonic.  I immediately fell in love with the imagery of the video and how it fit in so well with the song.  I believe this was either in 1999 or 2000.

I’ve watched every season since to see if another video would come close in my eyes but none really measured up.

I tried in vain to obtain a copy of this video from different people within the Sens organization, but no one was able to find it.  Or they thought I meant another video.

A few weeks ago, Paul Beirne, Executive Vice President of ticketing for the Ottawa Senators, posted in a forum I read regularly.  He was asking for Sens fans opinions on ways to improve the whole Senators experience.

Well, I had quite a few ideas and sent Paul a fairly wordy email (honestly, it was more of a book).  Somewhere buried  within that email, I mentioned the video just as an example of what the Sens did that once worked. 

Paul emailed me back almost immediately and liked some of the comments I had made.  I emailed him back and forth a few times, but never mentioned the video other than that first email.

One day, I get home and check my email.  What do I see in there?  An email from Paul saying: “We found your vid” with a link to the video.

OMG, you have ablsolutely NO IDEA how happy that made me.  I clicked on the link right away and watched my video over and over...and over again..  All the players from that season – so many memories.  I might have been on a high for a bit after that.  It made me happier than something like that really should, but I don’t care.

The fact that Paul took the time to ask someone to track down the video for me went above and beyond anything I ever expected from him.  

The person that did the searching and uploading of the video for me is Stan Kertesz.  I'm not sure how long it took Stan to find the video and convert it to an MP4 format, but I absolutely appreciate the time and work it took.  He'll probably never really know how happy he made this Sens fan, but if I ever see him - I'll be sure to tell him. 

I now have the video on my phone and can watch it whenever I want to :)

To see the video that made me so happy - click ===> Video

That kind of customer service, along with a few other stories I’ve heard about, show me just how great the Sens organization is.  

Thank you Paul, Stan and the Sens.



  1. Awesome!
    That kind of attention and extra effort makes all the difference in life and in hockey! : )

  2. Absolutely!!! It's something I will never forget.