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Big Rig Review - Best Fried Pickles Anywhere

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As you may or may not know, Big Rig is one of my favorite places to hang out.  There are many reasons for this, but here are a few of the best ones.
First off, they have FANTASTIC food.  My favorites include their fabulous deep friend pickles.  They’re the only fried pickles I’ve ever liked…and I am now addicted.  They also have some great wings with spicy maple sauce.  Mmmmmm.  Their taco salad comes in a Mason jar and is oh so delectable.  Perfect combination of ingredients.   A more recent favourite tasty dish are the ribs and ravioli.  Or Ribs and Rav as we’ve been told they call them.  The ribs are fall off the bone succulent and perfectly marinated and cooked.  The sauce used on them is oh so tasty and I believe might actually be made with the same spicy maple sauce they use on the wings.  Their ravioli pieces are huge and tossed in Big Rig’s homemade meat sauce.  I’m also told their pizza is AMAZING!!! (Editor note: the pizza is fantastic!)
For dessert, my absolutely favourite is their “birthday cookie”, but you can get it even if it isn’t your birthday.  The cookie is the size of a dinner plate and comes warm with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce.  Easily feeds 6 people, but I’ve been known to order for two of us and bring some home.
cookie photo
That’s one thing about their food portions, many times, you’ll be able to take the leftover home to enjoy the next day.
Another reason I love going there is that they really make you feel comfortable.  As an extremely shy single woman in Ottawa, it’s not easy to walk into a bar/restaurant and feel at ease.  In the almost two years the place has been open, I’ve only ever felt welcome.
It starts at the door when you’re greeted by the hostess.  She’ll seat you where you want and will make sure you have everything you need before your server comes to look after you.  The servers are friendly and extremely helpful.  I’m usually very early whenever I meet my friends, but they’ve never made me feel like I was in the way or taking up valuable space.  I’ve never felt this way anywhere before.
I’ve been to a few events here, including my 40th birthday party, and it’s always so very well organized.   They make sure everyone leaves happy.
Having been to many bars/restaurants in the past, you often see the token slobbering drunk patron who’s always hitting on the women. I’ve never noticed anything like that here.  It really helps with making the atmosphere more inviting.
All in all, I’d be hard pressed to find somewhere I’m more at ease than at Big Rig.
Next time you go – be sure to have the cookie.
Julie / @Flip_4

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