Tuesday, February 25, 2014

50 Book Pledge

I LOVE to read.  For anyone who knows me, they know this statement is true.

From the time I learned how to read, I’ve had this love affair with books.  I can’t explain it, I just love to read.

I remember in grade school, each student was allowed to borrow a certain number of books a week from the library.   The librarian made an exception for me and I could bring as many books as I wanted every week.  This is because I returned them all on time and I did read all of them.  Sometimes I would borrow up to 10 books.

My grandparents worked at my grade school and sometimes, after school, I would sit in the library and read while they were cleaning and finishing up what they had to do. 

At home, my parents would buy me books for birthdays and Christmas and to be honest, those gifts made me as happy as any other gifts they could get me.

In HS, we’d get a book to read as an assignment for class and I would bring it home that night and likely finish it before the next class. 

There was no stopping me. 

Then I became and adult and although I still read quite a bit, it seems that I have replaced reading with the computer or television.  Last year, I believe I MAY have  read a total of 15 books and I’m probably being a little generous with the total.

In order to get back into reading, I’ve decided to take the 50 book pledge.  I will attempt to read 50 books this year.   So far so good - I've read 10 books.

I read during my lunch hour at work.  I read before going to bed at night.  I read on the weekends when I first get up in the morning.   I have always brought my books or e-reader with me everywhere I go – but now I will actually read whenever I find the time. 

Really, is there anything more relaxing?

Let me know if you like to read.  What are your favourite books?  How many books do you plan on reading this year?

Join me in the 50 book pledge.

Have a great day!!

Julie / @Flip_4

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