Thursday, September 13, 2012

Words and emotions Continued - Cancer

About a month ago, the scary word for me was "biopsy".  That has now changed to "cancer".

Yesterday, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Let's just say that the emotions the past 24 hours have been intense.

I've pretty much run through all stages - shock, panic, fear, anger, sadness.  You name it, I've felt it. I'm probably still under the shock of it, but what I call "Logical Julie" has started to peek through all the emotions after hiding for those 24 hours.

Since we don't have all the details of this cancer, we don't know just how bad it is.  Of course, cancer is never good, but as we all know, there are varying degrees.  We're not going to find out  too much more until my dad goes through more tests.

Then there's the chosen form of treatment to go through.  Either radiation or this point.

I have read all the stats, I know that prostate cancer is one of the most treatable cancers and we have no reason to believe my dad will not be one of the survivors.

Now it's a matter of being there and strong for my dad and my mom.  I want my dad to know that I'm there for him any time he needs me.  I want to pass along some of my strength to him and I want him to feel like he can talk to me about anything.

I don't take my parents for granted as they are fantastic, and this just reinforces the appreciation for them even more.

I know I will still have the days where "Logical Julie" will take a vacation day or two, but I am lucky that I have friends and family to help with those times.   I think this will make my family stronger and closer.still.

It's time now for "Crazy Julie" and "Logical Julie" to get some sleep to be sure to be strong when needed.

Dad: Je t'aimes et je suis ici pour toi...toujours.

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