Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WARNING!!! Dangers of.... the title seems a little dramatic, but I just wanted to make sure to warn people about something really important!

Mini-Golf is really dangerous.

Now, where does this statement come from?  Last week, co-workers and I went to a local mini-golf for an afternoon of fun.  Well, it all started fun enough.  I was doing really well for someone who hadn't played that game in 12+ years.

Then...on the 5th hole played, I was going down some stone steps and somehow managed to sprain my ankle.

Now, I have had problems with weak ankles in the past, but it had been a good 19 years since my last sprain.  Boy...did I ever forget how painful a sprain can be.  I've got a fairly high tolerance for pain, but when your sight suddenly goes completely white, you know that it HURTS!!

The good thing is that the golf club was a makeshift cane and I was able to make my way to a bench to watch everyone else have fun while I iced my ankle.  Then I was able to finish out the round (I played 8 out of 18 holes).

I have to say, I think I jinxed myself that same morning.  I was talking to a friend about her mother-in-law who suffered a sprain over that weekend and I stupidly told her. "It's been a LONG time since I sprained my ankle".  Yeah, big mistake.  I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Now, the sprain was pretty minor when all is said and done.  It still hurts a week later, but mostly when I go up and down the stairs.  The swelling is almost entirely gone and I figure I'll be able to walk without a limp in a couple days.

I'm not sure I'll ever go mini-golfing again though.  It's really a dangerous sport!!  ;)

Can I pass this sprain off as a sports injury?? ;)

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