Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthday Wishes Results - Candlelighters

Not sure anyone was really waiting for the results from my Birthday Wishes for Charity 2013 campaign...but here they are. :)

This year, I chose Candlelighters as the charity I would be donating to.  I'm proud to be able to support such a great program in Ottawa.

I received 39 birthday wishes on Twitter and 73 on Facebook.  For those who aren't good in math, that's a total of 112 :).

On top of that, I also was able to raise 215 during my birthday party at Big Rig.  Still on a high from that night I must say :)  If you haven't read about it yet - find it here. :) \

So that's 112 from social media and 215 during my party for a total of $327.

I've decided that since there was an appearance by Chris Phillips at my party, I'll be rounding up the amount to $400.  :)  His number is 4 after all and I turned 40 so it kinda fits. 

I have to say, and this might sound corny, but giving on my birthday has truly become something I look forward to every year.  There is NOTHING better to make you forget about getting older.  Knowing you'll be helping out is very gratifying.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my two birthday celebrations over the weekend and everybody who wished me a Happy Birthday on social media.  Also, thank you to the morning hosts at Majic 100 for giving me such a fantastic shoutout.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many great friends and family members.  I love you all.

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