Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New house - 7 weeks left

Short post today. :)

I picked up the mail yesterday and I got a letter that made me very happy.

It was a letter about my new house/condo. Looks like it will be ready on time and I get to move in 7 weeks (give or take a day). WOOHOO!!!

Yes, I am quite excited about this. I have been living with a friend of mine since December and my sister before that and as grateful as I am to them to have let me be their roommate, I cannot wait to move.

I get to go do the trim inspection in 2 weeks and the pre-delivery inspection in 6 weeks. I've been afraid that it would somehow get delayed as I experienced this with my sister. It was delayed for what seemed like FOREVER.

Delays no more. Time to pack up my stuff and get ready for the move.

Busy summer for me between that and my nephew arriving on July 18th. Makes the hockey season seem like it's just around the corner ;)

Go Sens Go!!
Julie / @Flip_4

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