Friday, June 17, 2011

Power Outage

I was sitting at home yesterday, minding my own business and liking it, when the power went out.

You should know that I am currently living with a friend until my house is ready and don't know where she keeps everything...and to top it off, she was out of town.

Here I am - with a laptop...on my lap of course... that is no longer connected to the internet, a television that isn't working, no land line phone and a dead cell phone.

All of a sudden I felt so disconnected to the outside world, that was frankly 20 feet away outside the front door. It wasn't even yet dark out and I had that moment of panic if you want to call it that. What should I do now?

Are you kidding me? Have I become so dependent on my electronics that I can't figure out what to do in a power outage? It's not like this is the first one I've been in. (oh, and it lasted all of 2 hours) I went looking for a flashlight in case the power didn't come back on soon - and finally found one.

I realize now that I truly must get a life that isn't so connected to these electronics.

What did I wind up doing you might ask? I sat outside, my cell phone getting charged in the car, enjoying the summer evening. I watched the sun set, and watched all the families come outside and spend time together. It was really amazing. All of a sudden, the world seemed to slow down around me.

I think I should do that more often...not lose power, but enjoy life without so many electronics.

Of course, I am saying this while I'm sitting in the house on the laptop, watching a soap opera, with my cell phone charging next to me.

On to the next power outage...or a week at the cottage.

~DeGa~ / @Flip_4

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  1. Well said.. of course through an electronic blog... hmmmmm something wrong .. cant put me finger on it..