Saturday, June 28, 2014

Next challenge :) last challenge worked out well.  I stopped biting my nails.  I never thought I would be able to since I did try many times in the past...but here we are weeks later and I've stopped.  When I got back from DIsney, I had some Disney Jamberry Wraps waiting for me and I decided to try them...see result below :)

The two previous challenges have also been pretty successful.  I haven't had Pepsi/Coke (dark colas) since early March.  I haven't had any Potato Chips in a couple months either.  I sometimes miss them, but the horrible cravings have all but disappeared!!

I think those challenges combined with the insane number of steps we were walking at Disney have helped me lose 10 lbs in the last 4 months.  I'm not doing these things to lose weight...but it's a nice side effect :)

Now for my next challenge.  This one will be a tough one.  Last month, a few friends of mine were doing the "30 Day Ab Challenge".  I decided to push it a month because of my Disney Trip and there was no way I'd be doing an Ab workout every day of my trip.

So here it is.  On July 1st, I will be starting the 30 Day Ab Challenge.  It looks EXTREMELY difficult, but I'll be trying anyway.  I'm sure I'll be needing some encouragement during this one...I'm good at convincing myself OUT of things...but I have to do this one.

*Fingers crossed* that this goes well.  I'll be taking measurements to see if there's any difference at the end of the challenge.  Granted - if I eat horribly during that time, it won't be helping me much, so I'll be starting the "My Fitness Pal" app again to try to keep my calories to a normal level.

I'll probably keep updates going on this more regularly.

Have a fabulous Canada Day Weekend y'all :)

'Til next time
Julie / @Flip_4


  1. You go sista!! Love that you're making big changes in small ways.


    ps - love the nails!! Super cute.

    1. Thank you Sarah :)

      I have tried the wholesale changes before and they don't work - small steps seems to be the way for me :)...but this ab thing is gonna be TOUGH!!! LOL

      The nails are Jamberry wraps. It was the first time I tried them and I think they're awesome!! That's just my opinion though ;)