Sunday, January 26, 2014

Proud Sens Fan - 2014 Sens Soiree

Last night - January 25th, 2014, the Ottawa Senators Foundation had a fantastic event,  the 2014 Ferguslea Sens Soiree.  This event is held every year and is attended by all the Ottawa Senators players as well as management etc.  It's always a great success in Ottawa. This year's theme was Sochi.

I've never had the opportunity to attend this event - but I always look forward to seeing the pictures / videos in the days after.  It seems like great fun and one day - when I win the lottery - I'll be able to attend myself.

What I would like to say about the 2014 Sens Soirée is that I am so incredibly proud to live in Ottawa and to be an Ottawa Senators fan.  

This year's event raised $327,500 for children and youth.  I believe this is a record amount.  If I'm wrong - feel free to correct me.

Thank you Tony Harris for letting me use your picture
There is usually a silent and live auction throughout the night.  There are always some great prizes offered like this painting by local artist Tony Harris (@THFineArt).  I believe it raised 12k.  Wow!! Amazing and a GREAT painting :)  

Now on to the original reason for this post and also one of the reasons I truly need lots of disposable income (ie The Lottery).  

At one point during the live auction - it appears that some of the Ottawa Senators players were being auctioned off - more like a meal prepared by them at the winning bidder's house.  

Now - I really wish I had been there so that I could tell you the sequence of events - but maybe one of my friends that was there will be able to help me.

Thank you @cbernardi for letting me use this picture!!
From various Twitter pictures I've seen - it started off with Zack Smith, joined by Clarke MacArthur, Kyle Turris, Bobby Ryan, Marc Methot, Erik Karlsson and Joe Corvo.  I don't know the order they all decided to participate, nor do I know if this was an impromptu addition to the live auction, but the final total for this auction item alone was 50k.  Yes...that's  50 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!!  Holy Moly!!!  How do I get myself invited to that meal???

Best part - from what I'm told - was when Joe Corvo showed up on the stage...shirtless.  See the picture for the proof.  It apparently made the amount jump by 15K.  Hey - it's for the kids right?? :)

As an added bonus - Chris Phillips and his wife Erin are supplying the beer.  If you don't know, Chris is an owner of the Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery....oh and my Absolute Fave Hockey Player :)

I'm so very proud of everyone in this city.  The generosity is amazing and I couldn't be more proud if I tried.

Thank you to the Ottawa Senators Foundation (@SensFoundation) for putting on such a wonderful event and to the Ottawa Senators (@Senators) for making sure they're always able to participate.  They played a re-scheduled noon game (due to weather) in Carolina that very day just so they could make it back to Ottawa on time.

Now who's got the winning numbers for next week's lotto 6/49 so that I can go to next year's Sens Soiree...and with any luck, there will be another prize from the Ottawa Senators Players themselves.  :)

For more pictures, please visit the Ottawa Senators Foundation Facebook Page :) 

Julie / @Flip_4

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