Friday, January 11, 2013

New project - Scarf

Yesterday I wrote about wanting to learn how to crochet this year and hopefully be able to make myself an afghan.

I was derailed a little last night when I decided that I was doing something else.

About a month ago I bought a "ruffle scarf".  I'm sure you've all seen them in all kinds of different colors.  For the past week I've been looking for my scarf but haven't been able to find it anywhere..  Instead of going out and buying another one, I decided that it might be good to learn how to make it.

So, yesterday I went on YouTube and found a video showing you how to knit the scarf using special yarn.  I had already bought this yarn a while ago but hadn't gotten around to trying to use it.  I thought it would be difficult and take me a while to get it completed.

After about 4 hours of knitting, here is my new scarf.  It's around 5 feet in length and oh so cute.  It really wasn't hard to knit either once I got the hang of it.

I'm really very proud of myself.  I actually finished a knitting project which I had never done before.  I'd started many, but never go around to finishing any of them.  (mostly doll blankets as my knitting skills are about as limited as my crochet skills)

Maybe I'll make some for my family and friends.  Any request?? ;)

Now that I have my ruffle scarf, I will go back to learning how to crochet.

See you all next time

Julie / @Flip_4

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